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What’s changing?

OSMH is moving to a centralized model for the scheduling and registration of patients.  The change will establish 3 prominent and accessible areas in the hospital where these functions will be performed, thereby standardizing the process across the hospital, improving data quality, reducing cost and most importantly, enhancing the patient experience. 

Enchance Patient Experience, Standardize Processes, Improve Data Quality, Improve Value through Integration

Why is this change being made?   

As OSMH has grown over the years, so too so has the number of areas in the hospital where patients can register to let us know they've arrived, or schedule for future appointments. At the start of 2018, there were 16 different areas performing these critical functions.   

When the hospital introduced a system-wide electronic medical record (EMR) system in 2016, it highlighted the need to ensure consistency in the way we capture and share information.  While the registration and scheduling processes were working well for individual departments, there was inconsistency in the way it was being done across the hospital.      

Moving to a centralized process will address that inconsistency and bring OSMH on par with the way these processes are completed at most other hospitals.

Where do I go when I arrive?

The 3 areas performingpatient scheduling and registration functions are all on the main floor andwill be located at:

1. Main Entrance

2. Outpatient Services Entrance

3. Emergency Department

Click here for the map showing registration areas and corresponding services.

When will the change happen?

The change will take effect on December 2018.  OSMH will ensure there will be additional signage and communication with patients to ensure awareness.  

Central Patient Scheduling and Registration locations

For more information,contact;

Melanie Moore

Manager, Centralized Patient Scheduling and Registration

705-325-2201 ext.6592 


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