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Code of Conduct

Based on our values of Integrity, Caring, Respect, Participation and Accountability, our Code of Conduct reflects the shared commitment of all members of the hospital community, including staff, credentialed staff, board members, volunteers, students, and contractors, to the behaviours that flow from our values and supports the achievement of our mission and goals. We also expect our patients, their families and visitors to act within the spirit of these behaviours while at OSMH.

Our Values

Integrity: We demonstrate integrity when we choose actions and make decisions that reflect our values.

  • We act with honesty and courage
  • We strive to do the right thing consciously and consistently
  • We recognize and resolve conflicts of interest

Caring: Is an essential part of who we are. We care for others and we want others to care for us.

  • We conduct ourselves in a professional manner and ensure that our personal conduct and appearance are appropriate at all times.
  • We recognize the care required by, and for, others and respond with compassion and empathy
  • We promote healthy choices for ourselves and others

Respect: Our working relationships are based on respect and we demonstrate this in our genuine commitment to each other.

  • We are sensitive and accepting of cultural diversity
  • We protect confidentiality
  • We work together to create a workplace free of harassment, violence and reprisal
  • We encourage active listening, dialogue and understanding

Participation: We demonstrate participation by being present, engaged and part of the solution

  • We actively seek opportunities to become involved in Hospital life and committees and proudly represent our hospital in the community
  • We keep each other informed and involved in decision-making
  • We listen to each others ideas, concerns and aspirations and use them to develop options and potential decisions

Accountability: Accountability is our obligation to act, and more importantly, to answer for our actions. In short, it means taking responsibility for our words, actions, and outcomes

  • We maintain our professional standards
  • We promote a healthy and safe environment for all
  • We comply with all legislation, Hospital policies and procedures
  • We protect Hospital assets
Compassion Accountability Respect Engagement
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