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What is FIPPA?

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) is legislation that gives the public right to request the records of public institutions, including hospitals.  FIPPA provides access to information controlled by public sector organizations in the interests of transparency, accountability and the exercise of democracy, but it also protects the privacy of the individuals to whom that information relates. All records created or that came into the hospital’s custody or control after January 1, 2007 are subject to the Act. 


Is it always necessary to go through a formal process to access records?

No, the formal process is not always required.  In fact, as much as possible OSMH proactively discloses information on our website to make accessing information convenient for you.  The information that you are seeking may be readily available on our website. If the information you are looking for is not available on the website, please consult our Directory of Records to ensure that we have the records you would like.


How do I make a formal request for access to information under FIPPA?

To make a request, complete the Access Request Form.  You may complete it online and then print the form, or print it and then complete manually.  Please note that if you complete the form online it cannot be saved and emailed to us.     


You must clearly identify the records to which access is requested.  Provide enough detail to enable the hospital to identify the records required. The more specific your request, the more efficiently and accurately your request can be answered. See the detailed instructions on the second page of the access request form.  Be sure to include your contact information along with the $5 application fee (non-refundable) payable to Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital.


Who do I contact if I need help completing the form? 

Please contact the Director of Health Records, Registration and Privacy, at privacy@osmh.on.ca or 705-325-2201 ext. 3626.


Will there be a charge to receive the information requested?

Most likely there will be a charge based on fees outlined in the FIPPA legislation. The hospital will work with you to clarify your request so that you receive the information you are seeking at minimal cost.  Please see our Fee Schedule for further details.


When will I receive a response to my request?

You will be contacted shortly after the hospital receives your request so that your request can be clarified. If you have not heard from the hospital within approximately one week, please contact the Director of Health Records, Registration and Privacy Services at privacy@osmh.on.ca or 705-325-2201 ext 3626.


The hospital will make every effort to provide the information to you within 30 calendar days after receiving the request, unless specific reasons warrant an extended period of time for the hospital to respond. You will be notified if an extended period applies.


Will I receive all the information that I request?

The hospital is committed to being as transparent as possible and therefore will release requested information unless exclusions or exemptions apply under FIPPA. If there are exclusions or exemptions this will be clearly indicated with the specific section of the Act which applies. The excluded or exempted information will be specific and limited so that as much information as possible is provided to you.


Does FIPPA provide access to Personal Health Information?

No, personal health information or patient information is subject to the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). Personal Health Information may only be used and disclosed in accordance with PHIPA.  For more information about personal health information, contact the Health Records Release of Information Office at 705-325-2201 ext. 3519.


What if I disagree with the results of a formal access to information request?

FIPPA provides an individual with the right to appeal any decision made by OSMH under FIPPA to the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) of Ontario. The IPC is authorized to conduct an independent review of this appeal. Appeals must be made to the IPC within 30 days of when you receive the information access request response.

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