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The campus of Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) will look much different years from now under a concept being considered as part of its Future Hospital project.  

The proposal would distribute services into two main facilities, a core hospital providing 24/7 emergency, ICU, obstetrical, paediatrics, mental health and surgical services along with inpatient medical beds; and a separate ambulatory care centre with a focus on patients that need care from specialized and interdisciplinary teams without requiring an inpatient stay.  The ambulatory care centre would function similar to specialty clinics providing procedures and follow up care all during daytime hours.

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Fast FAQs – Future Hospital Planning


What is the Future Hospital Project?


The purpose of the Future Hospital Project is to create a facility plan that will guide Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital’s future.     Redeveloping our hospital is a must-do as we have several critical inter-related issues with our current facilities including:

§  Patient andStaff Safety – the current patient space in some areas is undersized and needs to be redeveloped for privacy, accessibility and infection control reasons.

§  Fragmentation of Patient and Staff Flow– the current space is fragmented and requires a considerable work-arounds for patients and staff.

§  Old Buildings that Cannot be Repurposed for Other Uses – much of our campus is made up of old buildings that are beyond useful life and cannot be reused for other clinical purposes.

§  Unaffordable Cost of Operating the Buildings– we need to reduce our operating costs and ensure that the maximum amount possible is being used for direct patient care.


What are a Master Program and a Master Plan?


The planning for new facilities follows a process developed by the Ministry of Health andLong Term Care and the Local Health Integration Network.  The Master Program and Master Plan are major components of that planning.

Master Program – describes our present and future service delivery model. It includes the services that will be provided, the future volumes and the future space requirements. The future is 5, 10, and 20 years from now. The Master Program work is complete and we are now working on our Master Plan.

Master Plan - defines the hospital’s long term development strategy. Three options will be developed and analyzed and then a preferred option will be selected.  The implementation plan for the preferred option will also be developed.


What is a Design Charrette?


A design charrette is a focused planning session where three planning options are developed for our Future Hospital facilities.  We will test a variety of horizontal and vertical relationships between programs by moving pieces of the design puzzle (similar to building plans out of Lego blocks) where each block represents  a clinical area or service.  Once we have completed the master plan options we will further test those options internally and externally using previously developed evaluation criteria.


What is a “Greenfield” Option?


A Greenfield option is one of the three master plan options that we will consider.  Basically, it is a term for a completely new facility on a totally new site. For us to complete our due diligence, (which includes the costing of the three options), it is important that one of the options that we consider is a Greenfield solution.


What is the Ambulatory Centre of Excellence?


Each hospital master plan option will have a “core hospital” and an “ambulatory centre of excellence”.  The diagram shows what will be core to the hospital, what will be in the ambulatory centre, and what will cross over between the two.

When Will We Be Done?


The target is for the Master Plan, (including the options analysis, costing and preferred option development) work to be completed by the end of April 2018.  We have several submissions we need to make to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network before and after April.  As we gain additional planning approvals we will be heading into a multi-year planning cycle.

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